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Carburetors vs. Fuel Injection
By Nick Fugate

 Carburetors have been used on engines since 1882 when Enrico Bernardi developed one for his one cylinder prototype engine.  The carburetor is the oldest method of air fuel induction. The correct mixture of gas and air results in a smooth running engine. This can be a tricky process considering each engines preference for fuel. This is where the specifics of the parts come into play.

Carburetors vs Fuel Injection

 Carburetors contain a venturi, a throttle, a metering rod or fuel tube, a float chamber, and a choke. The flow of air through the venturi causes a pressure drop which pulls fuel through the metering rods and into the air stream. The flow of fuel is controlled by the pressure and the nozzle on the rod along with the atmospheric pressure in the float chamber. The volume of the pressure drop then controls the operation of the engine, which responds to the position of the throttle.
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