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Crowley's Lakeside Story

Mmmm Mmm Good
By Michael Argyelan

With Thanksgiving creeping up on us in a couple weeks, food is on my brain. I love Thanksgiving dinner. I go for an extra long run and do an extra workout the morning of to justify the extra calorie consumption. More pie? Yes please!

Equal to if not more pleasing than a plate of delicious food covered in homemade gravy is the people I share it with. Sharing a meal with friends, family, or crew alike is intensely gratifying. What might be more gratifying is eating a meal while sailing or sitting on the hook relaxing.

Fellow Crowley’s employees/boaters shared their experiences with prepping, storing, and making food while on board. If you have any food related stories, tips, tricks, etc to share, please do. I’ll post them in the next newsletter to share with everyone.

For long distance trips or weekends aboard vessels lacking electric reefers or freezers, there are some common tips to pay heed. Freeze jugs or bottles of water rather than use bags of ice. Cubes melt considerably faster than blocks of ice.

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