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March 26, 2016

8:00am - 4:00pm




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Crowley's Lakeside Story

What to do when the Engine Dies

Jeremy Hutchinson

    When an engine dies or will not start, it is important to have a strategic, systematic approach to diagnosing the cause of the engine problem. It can help determine if the engine can be quickly patched together and restarted, or if a tow is needed. This will also help the boat owner quickly narrow the area of diagnosis (not to mention make you a star customer in the eyes of technicians); importantly it will help all parties get a scope of the parts and procedures needed to complete a particular repair.

    When speaking of engine trouble, there is typically an underlying cause. A vast majority of engine issues can be prevented altogether with proper inspection and maintenance intervals. Generally most engine maintenance follows a similar service interval, and typically following this guideline is a great place to start.

"If anything is going to happen, its’ going to happen out there."                  Captain Ron

    It never hurts to begin diagnosing an engine problem with a quick check. It may seem obvious, but often running through a quick inspection, can go a long way towards getting an engine running.


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