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Yachtapalooza 2014
Saturday March 25, 2017 8:00am - 4:00pm


Flare Demonstration


Diesel Basics

Ryan Bumber, John Casey
Crowley's Yacht Yard

Keep it Up, Inspecting Your Rig

Dave Ramer
Crowley's Yacht Yard

Who Needs Friends?
An Introduction to Single Handed Sailing

Singlehanded Great Lakes Sailing Society

Upwind Sail Trim

Perry Lewis
North Sails


Fire Extinguisher Demo


Fun with Jayne

Jayne Parker
Wood Refinisher

Navigating - Old School

Stafford Crossland

Glue U

Ben Gougeon
West System

Great Rivers

Sarah Cardona
Metropolitan Planning Council


Dunk Cary for Charity

Sierra Sagrada
(Holy Mackerel)


What the Heck is DSC, AIS and VHF?

Tom Besore

Know the Ropes

Dave Ramer
Crowley's Yacht Yard

Chicago Waterways from Above

Kris Habermehl

Furling Sails

Keith Church


Life Raft Demo


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View the Sierra Sagrada and learn about the incredible story and man behind this historic vessel. Francis Brenton commissioned this canoe in the Amazon for the Field Museum and rather than ship it back, he piloted it on its own bottom to Chicago. Later he launched her and sailed her to Africa with a hydrogen balloon that he planned to pilot across the Atlantic. When the Balloon adventured faltered in Senegal he simply sailed the canoe home again. The canoe ended up in Ralph Freezes incredible canoe collection and was donated to the Chicago Maritime Society. It is stored here with dozens of other historical canoes.
Put down your money down and dunk a loudmouth. Have fun and support the Sea Scouts at this old fashioned carnival attraction.
See what it takes to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher. Practice is the best way to be prepared if disaster should strike.
Watch while we inflate a life raft and review the procedure for safely deploying and boarding a life raft. If you ever need to deploy a life raft the last thing you want to do is read the manual.
Sarah will give an overview to the Great Rivers Chicago effort that launched in 2015, and the culminating report released last summer, Our Great Rivers, the first-ever unifying and forward-looking vision for Chicago's three rivers: the Calumet, Chicago and Des Plaines. She will also share more about the robust community engagement process that led to the vision and what's next for bringing the vision into reality.
Keith Church leads an informative discussion on furling sails. He will teach you how to get the most out of your furling jib and main and when to trade them in for newer models.
Members of The Great Lakes Singlehanded Sailing Society share tips for rigging your boat for shorthanded sailing and answer questions on single handed sailing adventures.
Tom Besore demystifies the latest technologies for keeping you safe on the water. Learn how to use these important safety tools.
Most of us know Kris Habermehl from his live TV and radio reports aboard a chopper hovering over traffic and news trouble spots. Kris has used that opportunity to put together some fascinating and informative video footage of Chicago's waterways. Join Kris while he narrates the adventure and answers questions best answered from an overhead perspective.
Ben Gougeon from West Systems Epoxy will lead attendees in an informative session highlighting bot repair techniques, materials and processes. Learn from an expert.
Too many boaters rely solely on electronic chart plotters. Learn your way around a paper chart so that should ever the need present itself, you will be able pull out that dusty chart and navigate safely back to port.
Perry Lewis From North Sails walks attendees through the basics of upwind sail trim. Sail faster and have more fun afloat.
Crowley's head rigger Dave Ramer will show participants what to look for when they inspect their rigs. Careful, methodical rig inspections are critical to safety and help to prevent rig failures. It is not hard -- you just need to know what to look for.

Jayne Parker shares the secrets and techniques that she uses to produce the finest wood finishes anywhere. Learn hands-on what it takes to create bristol brightwork.

Bring in your old flares and get some practice in firing them off. Our crew will be there to help you out.

Technora, Spectra, Dyneema, Polypro, Three Strand, Doublebraid, Singlebraid. There are a lot of options for sailors. Dave will walk you through the different technologies and explain their advantages and weaknesses. Use the right line for your application.

Get up close and personal with your diesel engine. Crowley's mechanics will walk you through basic maintenance techniques and answer questions about how to best keep your diesel engine trouble free and reliable.